The Coming Season

WP_20141008_048Autumn is here… can you feel it?

The air becoming crisp and cool, the leaves gently drifting toward the ground and all things in nature preparing for the winter that is to come.

You may feel torn at this time with so many things to be done and the feeling of so little time to complete your tasks… calm down and relax.. know that it is simply nature taking its course. Just as the squirrels are busily running around gathering nuts and preparing their winter nests … we as humans do the same but most don’t even recognize this as a seasonal feeling.

In the days of old, this is exactly what we would do .. prepare for the coming winter. Harvests would be stored and our homes would be readied for the cold. Today we have central heat and air and grocery stores to take care of all that.. but for centuries those things didn’t exist and we had to physically do these things ourselves at this time of year. So you see, that feeling still stirs within us when the air begins to cool… we have simply forgotten why.

Understanding nature and your own bond with it … consciously or not … will help you during these times. You feel this stirring within you and yet have a hard time understanding why.. this frantic need to hurry and get things done … but once you understand why this feeling stirs within … then you can relax and let go … you can see more clearly and are more able to manage life’s tasks.

Many Blessings for a beautiful autumn season,


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  1. This is a really neat concept that I’ve never considered before. I know right now I do feel some stress and like there’s not enough hours in the day to get done evything on my list, but truly I don’t have any more to do now than I did three months ago. Maybe I am in a “preparing phase” for winter and that’s what’s making me feel overwhelmed.

    1. It’s one of those things that makes sense when you hear it but something you never begin to think about. 🙂

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