In Preparation of the New Moon


The New Moon


Now is the time to rid your life of all the not so needed crap and open your life to new beginnings, new possibilities, new life, new new new freshness in your life.

Just like your home, you need to think of your inner self as the home you carry around with you at all times. It needs to be cleaned out on a regular basis or it gets all cluttered up and before you know it you are depressed and overwhelmed with all the trash and clutter and you won’t even know where to begin to clear it out.

So take the needed steps to clear away the clutter so that you can enjoy the new, fresh, clean surroundings.  Throw out all the stuff and crap that is not needed and that is not productive or helpful to you and make room to finally breathe from within.


In the Darkness of the New Moon

In the darkness of the New moon I fly about to see what there is to see…

There is no light and no shadows to chase me..

Flying about the void, this darkened space…

I let go my worries as the wind blows across my face..

My fears aside I look at starting something new…..

And as I look within, to myself I must stay true…..

Blessed be the tasks I begin this night …

May they be in bloom by the  Moon’s next full light…

Fear not the darkness of the New Moon…

Tis the time for new beginnings and to get yourself back in tune..

As I fly away on the currents this night when the moon in new…

I begin my tasks and send out prayers and wishes of dreams coming true…

Blessing to every man, woman, child and friend….

May you find happiness, love and riches of the heart…..

And may your dreaming never ever end!


Many Blessings,

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