Day: April 1, 2011

Family Tree – Interesting Finds

Lately I have been researching my family heritage on and I am completely facinated by what I find.

So far I have traced one line back to the 1600’s!! How awesome is that .. another back to the early 1800’s so far… but I’m going to keep looking.

I have found that on my father’s side there is little info that I’m able to gather … can’t seem to get past my grandparents at the moment … but I will march on.

What is interesting that I have found out so far is that on my mothers side…

My grandmothers materalside of the family came from  Ireland sometimein the early 1800s .. not exactly sure of their arrival date just yet .. but I am close.

Mygrandmothers paternal side of the family came from somewhere in the UK (either Ireland or England) in 1658 ….  

I find it funny how life again shows us these circles ..  All my life I have been drawn toward Ireland and England.. a huge connection to celtic times…  and now I find that on one side of my family … they have all originated from that area… and now today .. I am married to an englishman who’s mother is irish! hahahaha

Also there is another circle… my grandmothers paternal family came over from the UK in 1658  – just over 200 years later they marry right back into a family from the UK…. crazy huh!

I started this search to find out more about my Cherokee heritage … but have come to a road block on the relative that I have always known to be from that heritage .. Bell Youngblood – born sometime in 1875 … no record of her mother or father yet .. so I am still searching .. it’s crazy to find out that she was married at the age of 14 .. wow how times have changed…

I am truly facinated with all the information I keep finding and can’t wait to find out more.

Just thought I would share with you my findings .. will keep you posted if any new info surfaces!

Oh yeah and almost forgot .. my great grandfather on my mothers side was known by the name of Wild Bill Hamby – but no one seems to know how he got his name… lol .. maybe his father “Big” Rueben gave him the who knows .. it is a family mystery

Many Blessings,

The Fool

The Fool


The fool is the pilgrim, the unwitting wise one. The fool represents our unconscious self, naive, simple, gullible. To begin the journey toward enlightenment and integration of self, one must first become the fool, seeing things from the outside, detached, childlike and trusting. (If we were fully aware of just how difficult the seeker’s path can be, we might choose not to quest at all!)


So true that last statement is .. some things are just not meant for us to know.. otherwise looking back in your life how many times would you have chosen not to do something .. and then there would be a lesson left unlearned.. growth would have been delayed.. We need to learn to let go of the control we don’t have but crave.. we have this thing about “needing to know” … so much of our life we don’t truly enjoy because of that “needing to know” .. we get obsessed with wanting and needing to know every step  and every phase that is or might be coming our way .. we end up trying to control our future and forget to live in the here and now.. so much time is then wasted and not lived and certainly not enjoyed.. and that is a true shame ..


Embrace your inner child today and have some fun!!!




Many Blessings,