Day: April 29, 2011

A Work in Progress

There I was standing over a clover patch and picked up a four leaf clover .. oh so happy about finding my little good luck charm I got in the car and was about to press it in a book and found that the clover was less than what most consider a perfect 4 leaf clover. The fourth leaf was actually¬† growing out of one of the others and not a separate leaf all on it’s own. Most would probably throw the clover away thinking it wasn’t really a true four leaf clover and therefor not so lucky afterall. For a moment I thought to myself .. “Dang!”¬† But then I looked at the clover again and thought … how lucky am I .. I found a four leaf clover!!!

The clover may not have been perfect .. but it was aiming to be a four leaf clover and it was. It may not have been the “ideal” 4 leaf clover but still it was a four leaf clover. It may not have grown just like all the other four leaf clovers .. but still it was a four leaf cover.
It’s fourth leaf may not have been fully developed but still it was a four leaf clover. I’m sure you all see where I am going from here .

We must be happy in the moment .. be happy with who we are right now..
I’m not saying we give up trying to attain our goals but at each moment and at each step and at each phase .. we should be happy with ourselves.. be happy with what we are or have become at that moment…
We should all see ourselves as that tiny little four leaf clover with one of it’s leaves still progressing and growing.. working toward it’s ultimate goal. It doesn’t mean we are any less.. simply a work in progress.

Many Blessings,


Happiness is Now

Be Happy Today…. Don’t wait til tomorrow.

Yesterday is gone … cherish the memories that make you feel good but release the pain.

Tomorrow is a gift .. let it be ..

Look not too far into the future that you miss out on today.

Find something to smile about each and every day and watch and see how life improves. Many Blessings,