Do You Really Know?

IMG_9620Today Spirit guides me to post this question to you…

Do you really know who you are today?

I know it may sound odd… and I have gone back and fourth with Spirit today about posting this .. and I am urged that I should, so okay! Here I am posting the question.

Do you really know who you are today?

In general you may have a gist of who YOU are … but how about today? How about now?

Are you feeling your life and your views shift?

Are you who you always thought you would be or are you someone different?

Are you the same person every day or do you find that some days you feel all together like someone else?

Do you have a sure footing of who you are?

Beyond your beliefs … beyond your morals and standards of living .. do you feel like you know who you are?

Personally … I use to question myself all the time… so I can truly understand this line of questioning.

I use to wonder about my purpose in this world.. but now I just live day to day with the faith that I am doing as I was designed to do and that my purpose will find a way of manifesting.

Trying too hard to FIND your purpose can distract you from actually realizing your purpose… you see we were all born designed with our own individual purpose. All we really have to do is live our lives, work hard, never stop learning and growing and that purpose will be met.

I know… I know… but you want to KNOW what that purpose is and why, and who , and what, and where and when ..and … and…

At the end of the day… does it matter that we know our own purpose or does it matter more that we feel full at the end of our journey.

The question at the end will be “Were you happy?” “Did you have a good time? ”  “Did you enjoy this life?”.…. not a grading system of check marks on tasks completed.

Food for thought 🙂

Many Blessings,


  1. Good words and makes one think. I am getting back to who I used to be, just letting it come, doing my best, and being led. Who knows where I will end up or what I will become. But if I follow my instincts, look for the best, it’s going to be a great ride. Thanks Holly!

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