Focusing on Possibilities

This morning on my way to work .. I heard a sound bite from the movie “Soul Surfer”. The quote was “I don’t need easy, I just need possible.”

mockingbirdWhat a great quote!

Hearing this made me think of opportunities that have come my way and then I wondered .. did I take easy instead of possible? Did I throw away opportunities because I thought they might be too hard? I’m sure that down my road there were moments when I dismissed the possible and took easy. We all have at some point, I’m sure.

This was a great reminder of what we could be missing or passing up if we don’t look at the possibilities and instead only look at how difficult something may or may not be.

How much further could we go if we focused more on the possibilities of life instead of the obstacles?

Don’t we always say “Anything is possible if you just believe” ?

Well… I believe that today I am going to focus a whole lot more on the possibilities and a whole lot less on what stands between me and those possibilities.

Get-R-Done! hahahahahaa sorry, the south in me just had to say it

Many Blessings,

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