Staying Positive Through the Storm

Today I talk a little bit about how I personally keep my positive outlook through life, no matter what else may be going on. It’s no easy task to remind yourself to look for something positive when you are in the middle of a difficult situation. In life you will go through so many really hard things that these events can suck the life right out of you… if you allow it. You have to make the effort daily to search for something positive to focus on… to help you maintain that balance that is needed in life.

Many Blessings,

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Where’s Your Focus Point?


Have a good look at the image above. What did you aim your focus on first?  Was it the flower, the crack or the overall landscape?

Life is a reflection of what we aim our focus on. We can stand there each day focusing on everything that is wrong or we can adjust our focus to include those things that are right. By focusing in one direction only, our world becomes off balance.

So take a step back today and adjust your view.

Many Blessings,

Our Own Origins

Earlier today I was thinking about the old saying about when you are talking about someone and instead of saying that persons name you say the name of another. When that happens, one might then say: …… must have been thinking of me. My train of thought then went to wondering about where that saying originated from .. and then I was left with the simple thought of “origins”. Okay, first of all I have no idea why on Earth I was even thinking about the first part of my statement, as I am home alone at the moment and talking to no one about anyone.. lol.. the thought just floated right into my head for no reason at all. Now you see just a little bit of how strange my mind works sometimes.

Now, where was I?

Oh yes… so at this point the word “origins” is floating around in my mind… and then the thought of my own origins started to form.  I played around with a few of the things that I feel have made me who I am today. Suddenly, I realized I was recalling mostly the negative things that have come and gone but have certainly played a part in who I am and why. Then I transformed my thinking over to the more positive things that have come and gone.

I was slightly surprised to find myself first recalling the negative parts of my history but then again, not so surprised as often for many of us those moments can be some of the hardest to get past. The damage that comes from those negative moments can linger and shape our living for the rest of our lives. If we allow it.

Without knowing I must have been allowing .. because those where the first to come to mind when I gave thought to my very own origins. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm….

Wandering through the moments of my life time.. I give thought to both, the positive and the negative. Thinking at first how I could rid myself of these negative thoughts or actually memories. The truth is .. I can’t! There is good reason for that tho… it takes a balance of the two for a healthy productive life.

Without the hardships we endure, we would not be able to appreciate the positive gifts of those more gentle moments life offers us. Its the Yin and Yang of life that brings us to moments of real clarity. The experiences of both help us along our path. We find out who we are and who we wish not to be as we experience all sides of the spectrum. Just as it all can’t be good, have faith in knowing that when you are going through the harder moments in life that it also can’t all be bad.

Many Blessings,

Focusing on Possibilities

This morning on my way to work .. I heard a sound bite from the movie “Soul Surfer”. The quote was “I don’t need easy, I just need possible.”

mockingbirdWhat a great quote!

Hearing this made me think of opportunities that have come my way and then I wondered .. did I take easy instead of possible? Did I throw away opportunities because I thought they might be too hard? I’m sure that down my road there were moments when I dismissed the possible and took easy. We all have at some point, I’m sure.

This was a great reminder of what we could be missing or passing up if we don’t look at the possibilities and instead only look at how difficult something may or may not be.

How much further could we go if we focused more on the possibilities of life instead of the obstacles?

Don’t we always say “Anything is possible if you just believe” ?

Well… I believe that today I am going to focus a whole lot more on the possibilities and a whole lot less on what stands between me and those possibilities.

Get-R-Done! hahahahahaa sorry, the south in me just had to say it

Many Blessings,