Returning of the Sun…

1-18-2013 sunrise

Returning of the Sun…

The days, now getting longer as they grow
The sun sharing with us it’s warm and healing glow

It’s time to think about what we will harvest this year
Ready the seeds… the time is growing near

Preparation and work go hand in hand
If we want to see something come from our plan

A bit of work and a bit of time
Take care of the details and all will be fine

Nurture and trust what you sow
When it’s time to harvest, you’ll know

Take care in all that you do from here on out
Fertilize your dreams and let go of all doubt

Soon the work you’ve done will be seen by all
A great harvest you’ll reap as the raven sings it caw

So go now and make your plans
Get ready to work and don’t fear a little dirt on your hands!

Many Blessings,

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