Day: January 23, 2011

Messages from Spirit 1-23-2011

Today I feel Spirit working through me and so I must pass on the messages that I receive.

Here we go…

~|~ STRIKE while the iron is hot … don’t wait for it to cool .. trust your instincts… allow yourself to be guided with your inner knowing

~|~ It’s ok to slow down … listen to your own body and intuition .. not that of others

~|~ Not all is what it seems .. you need to distance yourself from this thing that has been bothering you and look at it from an outside perspective

~|~ A picture is worth a 1,000 words.. your answers are right there in front of you .. don’t dismiss it or excuse it away

~|~ All this worry is making you sick… you know the reasons…you even know the cure… now it is up to you to make the decision that is best for YOU ..

~|~ Each of us creates the life we live in … if you don’t like your life… don’t belly ache about it .. change it… you made it the way it is… you can change it

~|~ Waiting to do the inevitable is just prolonging the pain and torment … so stop waiting and just get on with it.

~|~ Just because Simon said jump off the bridge didn’t mean you had to follow suit …. use some common sense and be your own person… follow your own rules … your intuition will not guide you wrong

~|~ Whats done is done.. there is no going back .. only forward .. just watch your step next time.

OH and my grandmother says … piss or get off the pot!

Many Blessings,