Day: January 20, 2011

Daily Wisdom by Raventalker 1-20-2011

from the Vision Quest Deck

Daughter of Earth – Creativity

Be ready for creativity to run amuck! amuck! amuck! You have inside you all the tools that you need.. patience and inner peace will help you when this creative phase begins. The flood gates are bulging and soon this creative flow will be set free… be ready!

Transformation –

When we transform … it is like we are reborn… and in order to be reborn .. something must pass.Don’t try to hold on to the inevitable.. let go of all unnecessary baggage and allow the transformation to take place. Don’t fear change … allow it to come to be and you will see your world become brighter and better.

Daughter of Fire – Self Actualization

TRUST! You must trust that inner knowing that guides you. It wants to lift you to the heavens like smoke rising from a bowl of healing herbs. The greater your faith and trust in the secret forces that guide you .. the more sure footed your journey will be. Your path is right there in front of you .. trust .. believe and walk forward with love.

Many Blessings,