Day: January 25, 2011

Message From Spirit 1-25-2011

When you stop making excuses and allowing your past to define you.. define who you are.. why you are the way you are .. and define the world around you … then and only then will you find peace and be able to move forward.

It’s like trying to roller skate up a hill… it’s a hell of a lot of work and if you loose your focus for just a moment you begin to roll backwards.

Those skates are also your crutch .. your excuse.

You think they will get you up the hill faster .. when in fact you really aren’t going anywhere .. forward a few inches.. roll back .. forward a few inches.. roll back .. work work work…

To say I am this way because of something that happened in my past is an excuse! LET IT GO!

At some point in our lives we will all go through some type of abuse.. some worse than others … it causes us much damage and blurs our perspective on life.

We CANNOT then turn around and use that past experience to define us … at some point we have to own responsibility for our actions and move beyond the abuse. No more do we make bad decisions and blame it on something that happened to us in the past. No more can we be hurtful and rude to others and blame that on past abuse. No more can we cry and moan about a miserable life and blame it on something else.No more can we run away from love, life and opportunity and blame it on our past!

Having said all that I want to say .. I don’t take abuse in any way lightly .. and I don’t take the effects that is has on us lightly .. I have come from a very abusive relationship in my past … physical, mental, verbal.. you name it .. I’ve experienced it .. so I understand.

But there comes a point in your life where you have to say ..


You have to rise above and beyond that moment in time .. let all that pain and hurt go … it’s not doing you any good to hold on to it .. so let it go..

By holding on to it .. you allow it to continue .. the abuse stays with you because you allow it to.

Hug yourself.. you are a good person and no you didn’t deserve what happened to you …

Bad things happen to good people… let it go. Allow yourself that much needed healing…

It’s ok to be OKAY! Really it is… the world won’t come crashing down because you are healing and feeling good…

Great big hugs to everyone .. I know many of you will relate and understand where I am coming from ..

I hope that you will be able to find that peace .. and experience that moment of moving beyond the past.

Many Blessings,

Finding your animal totems

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Ok in the past few days I have had several conversations about how do you find your totem animal or animals .. and how do you know which animal is yours…. soooooooooooooo I thought I might speak a few words about this.

The first thing that I want to say is … the below are my own thoughts and ways … I’m not saying this is the one and only way and I’m not saying I’m right and everyone else is wrong… all I can do is give you my perspective and speak from my own experiences… so please don’t take it personally if my view differs from yours or from what you may have been told by someone else..

ok whew .. now that the disclaimer is said and done.. we can get down to business.

Note #1 – First of all there were comments by one of my friends that she is connected to one particular animal more than any other and then she said that someone told her that her totem was something else .. her next statement was that she has never connected with that animal.

Well, I’m not saying that whoever told her what her totem was – was wrong. That totem may be around her but not yet showing itself to her – but also I want to say that … YOU are the one connecting with YOUR totem .. YOU are the one effected … YOU are the one being guided – Don’t worry so much about what others tell you – instead … if you feel strongly linked to one particular animal or 2 or 3 or whatever – then that/those are YOUR totems.

Note #2 – You may have many totems throughout your lifetime.. some stay with you for long periods of time and sometimes forever and some come and go as they are needed. Sooooooo … you meet someone and they tell you ___________ is your totem … or at least that’s what THEY see as YOUR totem … that may be true for that moment in time… but as your life progresses and you change .. your situation changes and all things around you change .. your totem may or may not also change. So don’t get yourself stuck on … “so and so said this is my totem, so that’s it .. forever”.

Note #3 – You will find your totem when you stop trying so hard to find it ..

It is not something to be forced or made to be.. when you relax and let things just be .. you will see.

You must allow your totem to come to you .. welcome it into your life and soon you will discover it has been there all along… you will see the signs and have that DUH! Moment.

When you push and push and try to force things to be … the vision becomes blurred and unclear. We all have our totems so don’t worry you are not without one just because you are unsure of what it is. You just have to relax and allow it to show itself to you.

Note #4 – Stan Hughes has a wonderful book called Medicine Seeker.. in the back of his book he has a 100+ question survey to help you find out what totems you may have. It’s a very in depth survey that may bring light to what you already know but may be suppressing.

Here’s a link to Stan’s book on Amazon
Medicine Seeker

Anyway .. I hope this has helped .. good luck

Many Blessings,

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