Where is the wisdom?

Where is the wisdom?

It is in every drop of rain… every ounce of pain.

It is in every laugh, every giggle .. it’s even in the inch worms wiggle.

It is in every breeze … it comes and goes with ease.

It is every blade of grass, in every day that has come to pass.

It is in the tears and collected through the years.

It is in every animal, every being… it’s in everything, even those that are not seen.

It is in the silence and in the words, and carried on the wings of every bird.

It is in the wind, the earth, the water and the flame… and is known by many a name.

It is in the heart and in the soul.. is more than what you learn, its what you already know.

Where is it?

Where is the wisdom?

It’s in the air and below your feet … it’s sometimes a trick and sometimes a real treat!

It’s whats said and whats left to guess … it’s even in every jest.

It is more than an action, more than a word… its even sometimes quite absurd!

It’s kind and its cruel… an can turn the smartest of men into a fool.

Where is is? You want to know….

It’s here, there and everywhere you go….

Many Blessings,

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