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The Struggle Between Positive and Negative

IMG_8041Being Kind, Helpful and Positive vs Allowing Others to Walk all Over You

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has ever struggled with this. I am someone who tries my best daily to be as positive and helpful as possible with those I interact with. I will do what I can for anyone who asks for assistance. BUT…. there are some people who step into your life and want to take advantage far too much and in return send out bad energy and negative vibes.

You know those that I speak of… certain people in the workplace who smile in front of you and snarl behind you. Those who come to you when they need help and god forbid if at some point they don’t get first priority.. they take the opportunity to be as nasty as they can. Snide remarks here and there… that look of pure misery when you are near their space and an overall feeling of discontent.

There is a part of me that says .. no matter how this person wants to act .. I will kill them with my kindness and I will rise above their negativity. Then there is this other side of me that says.. well.. I will give them what they give me in return. If they are unsatisfied with the energy they are receiving from me, then maybe they need to have a look at what they are sending my way.

There come s a point where my “killing them with kindness” starts feeling like I am simply allowing the other person to walk all over me. They get what they want from me and yet continue to send back that ugly, negative energy of theirs. So what do you do?

Personally … it takes me a long, long time to get to the point of “I’ll give back to them what they send my way”. I do whatever I can to change the situation into a more positive one. With some people, it is just wasted time and energy. It seems as though they live to be the way they are and I am unsure they care about how their attitude effects others at all.

I’m not quite sure of the correct answer here … if even there is one.

I will continue being me and spreading as much light and joy as I possibly can… but beware those who wish to send out negative energy my way… you just never know when it might get thrown right back at you.

Many Blessings,

Clearing Energy

candleHave you ever had one of those days where everything seems to get to you? It feels that everything that got added to your to-do list was a burden and with each task you felt more and more weighed down. You can feel the negativity building inside you. How do you get past this and how do you clear yourself of this bad energy?

I use a few techniques: 

Smudge  – Smudge is a mixture of herbs that are used just for their properties of clearing away bad or negative energy. You light them and let them smolder.. swirling the smoke around your space.. clearing away all that mad mojo.

Light a Candle – As I light the candle I imagine all the negativity inside and around me burning away and as the candle burns it continues to burn away all that bad, icky stuff.

Meditation – Take a few deep breaths… close your eyes… let go of everything … imagine all good energy taking over as you breathe in and all bad energy leaving you as you exhale.

Step Outside – Nature is a great way to get away from bad energy… just stepping out onto the ground  – taking in fresh air can be very helpful.

If none of the above work… SCREAM! LOL… seriously if you are able to do it .. sometimes a good shout out can release you from all that pent of negativity.

Many Blessings,