The Most Deadly Virus

WP_20140715_016It’s a nasty, terrible virus. The side effects are the worst of all. The good thing is that it affects only those who allow it. So you do have a choice in the matter at least. Once you have this ghastly virus, it can be extremely hard to get rid of. THERE IS A CURE!!  YES indeed.. A CURE!!!

What virus am I talking about?

This virus is the negativity of others. Hateful, hurtful words and actions of others that get stuck in your head. The pain of rejection from someone else because you didn’t match whatever fantasy they had cooked up in their own head, that’s not really about you, it’s about them and what they had imagined, they are the ones living in fantasy.. don’t allow their voice, their words, their actions get stuck in your head, causing you pain and heartache. Some people are just nasty characters who strive in the misery of others… putting others down, makes them feel better about themselves. Don’t catch their virus. It’s deadly! It’s keeps us from shining, it keeps us down in their muck and let me tell you, nothing good ever happens there. This virus is so damaging, it can hang around for years and for some a lifetime.

Wash your hands of these virus carrying monsters and cleanse your mind of everything about them. They don’t belong in your life or your head. Let their words and actions fall upon the ground around you, don’t give them an inch of room in your head. Let them keep what they send out.

Many Blessings,

Wash your hands


  1. I agree.
    “This virus is the negativity of others. Hateful, hurtful words and actions of others that get stuck in your head.”
    If we led with concern, kindness and love. Would be a better world. Hurt, negative words and actions create distance. Nit friendship. Thank you for your powerful words and wisdom.

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