Day: December 31, 2014

Ceremony of Renewal

smudgeLast night I went to bed and heard a little nudge from Spirit telling me to get back up and smudge, and so I did. I made sure and smudged really well with sage and palo santo wood and then made my way back to bed. I knew instantly I would be gifted with a ceremonial vision.

The vision that came to me: I was painted all white with some sort of powder, from head to toe and laid out on a slab of pine. There was a bowl of smudge burning just beneath my head and the smoke billowed down my entire body. Grandmother Spirit was the one doing everything is this particular ceremony. As I lay there covered in this white powder, she prayed and used a large bunch of leaves to move the smudge smoke over my body. She would use a sweeping motion from head to toe as she chanted her prayers. She then took a large pail of ceremonial water (this is water that has been brewing with herbs for a certain amount of time) and started pouring it over me, starting at my head and going down my body. The water washed away the white powder which she called “the ghost of my past”. She washed away all of the powder and then rubbed me down with an herbal salve that she told me was for protection. Another Grandmother Spirit worked on my feet as the other continued with the herbal salve. The Grandmother working on my feet, looks up and tells me that what she is doing is for a good journey ahead, preparing me for what’s to come. Once the two of them are done they started working on a special breast plate for me. They told me that I needed a little extra protection for my heart. It had been weakened too much in the past year and needed guarding more than usual. So they crafted this special breast plate and slipped it over me and continued with their chants and prayers. I looked down and watched as the breast plate faded away and asked what happened. They smiled at me and said it is still there, not to worry. The two of them then continued on with the sweeping motion, brushing the smudge smoke over my body until I fell into a deep sleep.

I woke up feeling fresh and renewed, looking forward to the journey ahead.

I am thankful for such an honored vision and the gift of ceremony preparing me for my new journey.

Thank you always to the Grandmothers who watch over me.

Many Blessings for safe journeys ahead,


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2015 – Year of the Raven

celebrate me 2My entire life has been about others. First it was about my parents, then it was about significant other and children, this year I’m making some changes, this year is all about ME!

I have always been one of those “fix it” kind of people. Always nursing others back to health. Fixing whatever problems they have, the one giving the pat on the back, the “atta boy”, the one to provide love, care and companionship. The one who kisses all the booboos and makes them go away, gets rid of the monsters and makes sure everyone is okay. Many times over I have changed my ways to adapt and make life easier for someone else. The problem is I was the one making changes and adapting while everyone else remained as they were. A whole lot of give coming from one direction only. Life needs balance. Your work life, your family life, your creative life, your love life…. all parts of your life need some sort of balance. This is something I’ve always sought after but never really found. I’m not placing any blame on anyone other than myself. I’ve made bad decisions and I have enabled over and over again. All with good intentions but still the only blame here is on me.

2014 was one of the worst years of my life so far and I have found myself having to do some deep thinking about how I want the rest of my life to go. Sooooooooo, 2015 is my year to be ME! This is the year I work on fixing me and not others. I will find my own balance, I will enjoy life as it comes and not stress over every little thing coming my way. I will conquer my fears and face life with a whole new vision.

I’m going to keep this topic going to let you all know how I’m doing throughout the year. We’ll see what obstacles come up and how I manage my way around them, we’ll explore new places and learn all kinds of new things, well go on adventures, explore the unexplored and create magic wherever we go! When you see “2015 – Year of the Raven” in the subject line …. you’ll know what it’s about. If you don’t care to know how it’s going.. just skip those posts.

Farewell 2014 … and Hello New Year!

This New Year is MINE! Mine all MINE!

Grab a year and make it yours!

Many Blessings,