Finding Peace Within

WP_20140625_002This morning I kicked off my shoes, planted my feet firmly into the Earth and began singing my song as I searched for 4 leaf clovers before work. For a long while I just sang and searched, moving along slowly as I kept my gaze upon the clover beds before me. At some point in my search this morning, I realized that I had found much more than special clovers. I found peace, relaxation and love.

In that moment that I realized what I had found, I smiled and do you know what I did next? I continued. Why stop the bliss? Why ruin the moment with over-thinking and analyzing?

A few factors came into play to create this moment of peace. Firstly, kicking off my shoes and making that direct connection to the Earth, created a grounding effect as well as linking myself with the Earth’s hum. The singing and searching, emptied my mind of all the other distractions, worries, fears, etc that living creates. My focus was solely on spotting clovers with more than 3 leaves. In a sea of clovers, one might think it would be a hard, stressful task, but for me this was relaxing and rewarding. With every 4 leaf clover I found, I gave thanks for the opportunity… I felt my whole being also being thankful with every “thank you” that I muttered.

On one’s search for inner peace, let go of that idea that we must find that peace and hold on to it every minute of our lives. It’s not quite practical that we will be able to do that and when we begin to fail at that task, we find ourselves pushing away any peace that we once had.

Allow yourself peaceful moments. 

Once we have mastered these moments, no matter how small or large they may be… we will find ourselves having them far more often. Bringing us more peace, more relaxation and more love.

Many Blessings,

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