Day: June 23, 2014

Let it Rain

What is it about the rain that is so alluring? The soft, sweet lullaby of mother nature rocking us to sleep. The fresh smell of the Earth after a down pour and a thirst that has been quenched. The rain brings with it a cleansing and leaves behind a freshness that only the rain can provide. Puddles everywhere, reminding us to reflect upon our lives and the footprints we leave behind in our journey. Tiny droplets decorate the Earth, like tears from the heavens, glistening as the sun comes out, showing us that even as life is fading we should sparkle with all our might til the end. The rain and it’s soft sweet lullaby.. oh how I do love you so.

Here are a few of  rainy day photos I’ve taken… enjoy the lullaby. (click to enlarge)

Many Blessings,