Day: April 22, 2013

Trust Yourself

hawkTrusting others is one thing but when it comes to trusting yourself…. how well do you do?

If you’ve had trouble trusting yourself.. you’re definitely not alone. That seed of doubt lives within us all … who planted it there? I have no idea! But is sure would be nice to get rid of it!

Whether is comes to following our intuition or matters of the heart … many of us struggle with trusting that thing that stirs inside us. Our own inner guide. Over the years I have let go of that fear of “what if I’m wrong” but still it sometimes shows it’s ugly head. It’s a battle within, daily to trust what is felt and what our brain or heart wants us to feel or know.

Often when we follow that inner guide… we are guided is a good direction. I can’t remember ever following my intuition and it ending up wrong. I do recall often .. ignoring my intuition and then sit there face palmed asking myself .. why oh why didn’t I do what I already knew to do!!!

Start by trusting things you feel are small and as you start trusting yourself, you’ll find yourself trusting that guide more and more. Personally, I am still working on my own trust … but I can tell you it is well worth it. When I follow my guide and the sun shines bright on a path less complicated by my doubt … I smile from within and am encouraged all the more to continue building that trust within myself.

Many Blessings,