Day: April 8, 2013

Daily Insight – LOL Moments

goldfinchThis morning I was feeling very rushed and tense… I got as much work done as I could until the printers ran out of toner and not a single box left in the office to replace it so that I could stay on this productive sprint of Monday morning madness.

With a heavy sigh, I called in the toner order, made myself a bowl of oatmeal and thought … I’ll just see what Spirit has for us today and post today’s insight. I shuffle my cards for several minutes and then a handful of cards flew out of my hand… yeah well that was either Spirit saying I had shuffled long enough or I’m really crap at shuffling cards.. lol.. you decide!

Right away when I picked up this batch of cards I knew it was the top one that I would be talking about .. so I picked up the cards and turned over the top card to see what it was. Today’s insight would be about …… drum roll please…. INSIGHT! HA! HA!

I sat there and giggled to myself .. now how to word this subject line? Hmmmmm

So what’s today’s “insight” really about? Just that .. being able to step back and look at the situation from different points of view. Insight comes from seeing more than just one side of things… it comes from understanding yourself and the world you live in. It comes from a change in perspective.

Today I believe that Spirit was telling me not to stress so much … take a moment to laugh and learn how to enjoy the day.

Many Blessings,