Day: April 17, 2013

Life Mysteries

fairy dream catcherI have felt drawn for the past couple of days to go back through some archives to find a radio show reading that was done for me a couple of years ago. It felt like there was some information in that reading that I needed to hear again. When I found the archive I realized that it was  almost exactly 2 years ago, April 12, 2011.  How odd is that? Being that long ago I remember some things that had been said during the reading .. more or less I remember subject matter but not the details. I sat and listened to the entire show waiting for my part to come up. One thing that stood out for me was something about listening to fairy music t open a door. Sooooooooooooooooo …. I google searched fairy music and the first artist that struck me was Priscilla Hernadez .. I then did an Amazon search to see what albums she had available to download. Once I found her .. I was pretty clear which album I would buy. The one that was released on  MY BIRTHDAY!  Ok here’s another odd one.. it was released on my birthday in 2011.. the same year as the reading but a few months AFTER the reading.

So here I am listening to the album… telling you guys my story… waiting for the chapters to unfold.

What a fun and mysterious life we live!

Many Blessings,