Day: April 15, 2013

Missing Details

4 leaf cloverOkay, so here’s a little lesson learned for me today!

I am taking in the morning as I step outside the back door of the office and notice the clover are growing really tall. A four leaf clover stands out there all on it’s own waving hello to me. I, with my camera in hand, focus upon the clover and take a couple of good shots. I then reach down and pull up the clover to add to my collection and continue to search to see if I can find any more. I ended up finding 12 more four leaf clovers. I go back inside … sit down at my computer and reach around to take the sd card from my camera to download the photos. Heavy sigh…. the sd card is already in my computer… meaning that  it was never even in my camera and that photo opp with the four leaf clover that I already plucked from the Earth is now gone!

Had I paid better attention to the finer details … I wouldn’t have had to go back out in search of another clover. You see, every time I snapped a photo a little message popped up on the screen telling me no card was inside… but me being so focused on the four leaf clover and what I would blog about to use it as the main subject…. I didn’t even “SEE” that message!

Sometimes we cause ourselves extra work simply because we didn’t take the time to check ALL the details.

Many Blessings,