The Magic Inside a Snowflake

snowflake2Soft, cold, wet and sparkly and ever so small … but inside is magic! LOADS and LOADS of Magic!

What’s better than a snow day? Whether you’re a child or just a child at heart… snow days are the best!

The weather forecast comes on .. snow is predicted and we all wait with anticipation. Watching the skies, waiting for the first sighting.. hoping for it to accumulate enough to keep us from having to go to school or work! Morning comes and BINGO!! SNOW DAY!

A heavy sigh and the magic fills us. A quiet hush has covered the land like a warm winter quilt. Children start thinking of snowball fights, forts to build, sledding, snowmen and simply enjoying their day out of school. Adults get warm and cozy by the fire, make ready… pots of soup and cups of hot tea and cocoa and instead of the usual rush around to get chores done… they find time to let go and relax even if just for a moment.

The world around us just seems to slow down a bit and relax when the snow comes down. It’s a time to slow our normally busy pace and just enjoy the day!

Who knew that inside that tiny little snowflake was so much magic that it could change an entire day… if you’re lucky … even two!

Many Blessings,

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