One Step At A Time

IMG_4706Like many my life has been far from easy and far from perfect, but it has been “my” life.

I often find myself asking that 2 word phrase “Why Me?”

When those times come around,  that’s usually when we are feeling our weakest .. wondering if we can go any further .. wondering if we have what it takes to outlast the storm.

I can look back at when I found myself saying that dreaded phrase and I can see one common denominator. I let fear take the wheel on my path and well I always ended up over in the ditch, off my path, upside down, hanging on by the seat of my pants wondering how the heck did this happen… how did I get here.

As I hung there upside down, suspended in the air, I would think to myself… now how do I get out of this mess? CAN I get out of this mess?

And then the light would come on as I was guided to get myself out 1 step at a time.

1st I had to let go of what was holding me there. Knowing, that when I let go I would fall and land on my head and it would hurt. It wouldn’t kill me, but it sure would hurt.

Then I had to start walking forward. I had to get myself back on the path where I belonged.

Sometimes that walk back to my path was hard. Sometimes uphill, sometimes down and sometimes a bit of both.

Either way it was a walk in the right direction. The direction of growth, healing and progress.

Sometimes it was a short walk and sometimes it took a while to get to where I needed to be. Either way, I got there.

So hold on to your inner strength when you find yourself in that place… off your path asking that silly little phrase “Why Me?”

One step at a time will get you back to where you need to be.

Many Blessings,

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