Day: September 21, 2010

Magical Moon


A little something I jotted down last night before going to bed…

Magical Moon

Magical Moon with a light so bright
Watch over us all and protect us through the night

When you’re large and full of grace
Even when we can barely see your face

We know you are always there
Your magic fills the air

Waning and waxing as the nights come and go
Feeling that mystic tug and tow

Abundance and blessings you give without take
Please accept these prayers we now make

Our words we send to thee with love
We cast them to you and the heavens above

Magical Moon in the night
Thank you for the dreams, the visions, the second sight

A blessing at the end of each day
You light the darkness in a loving and magical way

Carrying with you the secrets from ancient times gone by
Your presence is felt beneath the starry night sky

Magical Moon thank you for your love, thank you for your light
Thank you for watching over us every single night.

Many Blessings,