Day: September 27, 2010

Let Me Be Forever Yours

Let me be your rain….
I’ll wash away your worries, your fear, your pain.

Let me be your sun…
I’ll light your days and warm you as the nights grow cold.

Let me be the wind…
And I’ll carry your wishes to heaven so that they may be heard.

Let me be your moon..
I’ll be the light in your darkest hours.

Let me be a soft whisper…..
So that my words may linger in your ears.

Let me be your eyes…
So that I may be in your every vision.

Let me be your hands…
For I willl always be within your reach.

Let me be your heart…
So that I will know the source of your love.

Let me be forever yours…
So that I may spend the rest of my days loving you.

Many Blessings,