Sitting in Silence

As often as possible it is a great deed to yourself to take the time to sit with yourself in silence. This gives the mind, body and spirit a chance to recharge. It helps you find your balance, it helps with grounding and time for reflection.

Many Blessings,

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It is good for the mind, body and soul to take some time out of our busy and hectic days to reflect. Reflect on the good, the bad and the in between…

Lessons come from more than bad experiences… All shades of life bring to us oportunites to learn… to learn about ourselves and others.

It is good to take a moment from time to time for reflection.. just be careful not to dwell too long.

Lessons of kindness, friendship, opportunity, achievement, and much more can come out of positive experiences .. so you see lessons can come along even in the best of times.

Many Blessings for a great and prosperous day,