Ceremonial Vision

angel wingsLast night just as I lay down in the bed a ceremonial vision began to take place. I was surrounded by several ladies, I was confused as I have never encountered beings like these before. They seemed like a mix between angels and fairies. They were tall, dressed in light flowing dresses and large light colored wings … but the healing they did or magic seemed more like fairy magic.

They took a bundled child form from inside me. They danced with it and sang to it and cradled it and laughed and played with it. As they were passing it around with one another they were taking turns waving their hands over my body doing some sort of healing, protection or magic. They made sure to apply extra attention to my feet, head and chest. They did this for quite a while and when they were done they placed the bundle back inside me for it to continue it’s incubation period.

I was then given the information that what they had done would come into knowing after the 3rd of my next moon cycles.

So now… I wait!

I welcome anyone who would like to give any insight about this vision.

Many Blessings,


  1. To me, it sounds like you are being healed, that your inner child is being helped and comforted by beings of light. And that some good news will come your way later on too. It sounds like a happy and joyous event. OR that you will be actually getting pregnant, (which may or may not be the jist of this dream…) OR that a wonderful project will begin, you will come forth with a unique and special idea as a spark that will develop into much more. So, as usual with my dreams, there can be different interpretations, all depending… You may also have something else totally different happening! I did not consult my dream books, this is just from your description.

  2. Certainly does sound like your inner child was being healed, but it could be pregnancy, too. What an incredibly, beautiful experience. Whoever they were, you were blessed by the Light. Wow!

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