Day: October 10, 2013

Learning How to Trust Your Inner Guide

IMG_8974Imagine you are walking around your house in the dark. You allow yourself to be guided as you feel your way around searching for your way. When you come upon a place that doesn’t quite feel right… you stop and look extra hard into the darkness and most often change your path. It is not what you could see that made you stop and change direction.. it is what you felt.

When your physical sight was gone you allowed yourself to be guided in another way and you trust that guidance even though you cannot see what is in front of you … you feel it and you change direction based on that feeling.

That same instinct is with you at all times. You trust it when you cannot see … so why not trust it when you can?

If it doesn’t feel right .. then it’s most likely not. Change direction until it does.

Many Blessings,

The Sun Card

IMG_0675Shuffling my cards today I ask for guidance to help those on a rocky path.. move forward with a bit more ease.

The first card I pulled was Life Force card which didn’t feel right for whatever reason so I put it back in the deck and shuffled a little bit more. The card for the day is finally revealed: The Sun Card

When you have learned to trust your inner self … you’ll no longer need outside help.  That’s what all of our striving is all about: to find our own, unique way, to live our own realizations, to follow our own inner light. The Sun Card is a sign to let us know that we are close to finding this within ourselves.

Many Blessings,

The First Book!

raven's call front

I’ve composed my first Poetry/Photo book … The Raven’s Call

It’s a collection of poetry I have done over the years along with photographs I have taken. I do hope you enjoy it. I’m working on some future projects to include a book focusing solely on my visions and another that will be a collection of messages from spirit.

You can purchase a digital copy of The Raven’s Call for $1.99 here:

or if you would like a physical copy in paperback you can purchase it here on Lulu:

Rany Blessings,