Sharpening The Senses

crystalballThe questions come all the time:

How can I communicate
How can I “See”
How can I “Know”
How do I sense
How, how, how?????????

The answer always the same from me … first you must learn to meditate. I know it might sound silly but when you are able to meditate and meditate well.. you have learned to quiet the mind and then finally able to “hear” and “sense” everything else around you.

Our minds can be very loud, always thinking, always planning, always wondering, always assuming, always over thinking… lol..

Meditation done on a regular basis sharpens our senses, eases stress and gives us at least for the moment some sort of peace.. inside and out.

Find a meditation that suits you. There are many forms out there and Google will introduce you to most of them. Try many different kinds and find one that best fits who you are.  Don’t expect to get it perfect right away.. it takes practice, the more you do the better you get.

You’ll soon find yourself more open to all of your senses.

Many Blessings,

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