The Echo

grackle singingThat lesson that seems to keep replaying through your life. You thought you learned the lesson but there must have been something you kept missing. Like a broken record you find yourself over and over again hearing the same things. The path you walk, though further in your journey feels all too familiar… as though you have been there before. It is an echo, haunting your spirit.

What is it that is left to understand? What else is there to this lesson that you have not yet learned? How do you move beyond this stage? How do you stop…. the echo?

Step back, take another look at this road you have traveled… it’s just there .. just around that last bend you passed. Do you see it? Yeah … that’s it. Now.. wash, rinse but don’t repeat. Dry yourself off and move on.

Echos belong to the past… don’t let them interrupt your future.

Many Blessings,

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