Daily Insight- Full & Empty

So I’m sitting here in the office and I keep feeling drawn to post some daily wisdom for the day. I pull out my cards.. shuffle.. shuffle.. shuffle… Two cards pop out if the deck together. I flip them over and this is what I saw:

Three of Water – Fullness
Enjoy the fruits of your labor. Make no rules of what should happen next.. enjoy what is offered and stay open for new surprises.

Seven of Earth – Depletion
Expecting something increases our chances of disappointment. Stay in the moment, live in the now. Allow yourself time to rest and be mindful not to project any negative thinking into the future.

Together they show you how you can be full and next minute depleted of all. Be careful that you remain in the moment and take that time to enjoy all the fruits of your labor.. even the tiniest tomato can be as savory as a big plump one… so enjoy what is offered and don’t throw away that fullness with expectations of what happens next…. allow “next” to come on its own time and for now.. enjoy the life before you.

Many Blessings,

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