Day: February 20, 2012

Dream Analysis

I had a really odd dream the other night and thought I would share along with my analogy at the end.

The dream:
A man shot me many times over and over again. There were a bunch of me’s.  This man came up to me in a drive way … shot me at extremely close range  (like so close he was nearly touching me) several times and on parts of my body that I wouldn’t die right away… and it wouldn’t be messy..  he shot me in a way that I would slowly bleed out… instead of dying instantly. I bled and I died… then it was like ground hog day and there I was again and he repeated… every time shooting me in the same way  up close but in different places on my body…

As he was planning his shots he would look up at me as if he was wondering if this spot or that would finally do the job.  It was like the different me’s were different parts of me or different aspects of me… like I was split in to a certain amount of layers. I did not count how many times this happened but it felt like at least half a dozen times.

One the last round I just laid there and he walked away. When he was gone I raised up and thought to myself  “good you are finally done now”. I was still there and still living. He had tried so many times and yet I kept coming back to life and living again and again. No words were even said… there was no interaction between us. Only me looking at him and watching him shoot me and him looking up at me into my eyes and wondering to himself if this round would be the last round. I could tell he was trying to work out in his own mind which were the best spots to shoot me that would actually make me dead without instantly killing me.

I could feel the cold, hard concrete beneath me and I could feel the blood leaving my body and draining down the pavement. I felt nothing toward this man, no emotion .. no feelings at all.. no love nor hate.. just nothing .. he was just there trying to kill me and no matter how many times he tried… I went down but always came back.

My analogy:
Do what you will to me but you’re not the one who will end me.. this is not how I will end. I continue to live… no matter what you do.. where you hit me or how many time you come back to do it again.  I will survive this! I choose to live!

Much more can be analyzed here but the this is the overall meaning for me. With all dreams there are intricate details that can be analyzed more specifically… but remember it is YOUR dream and it matters most how YOU felt about the dream. Many people will give different thoughts of interpretation based upon how they feel about the events you had. Getting an opinion of others can be helpful and maybe light a window of thought that you didn’t realize was there but still it is most important how YOU felt. How others analyze your dream is just opinion based on their own experiences. Trust your own feelings when it comes to your dreams.


It’s History

IMG_8776What happened yesterday is now in the past… lets work on today and tomorrow.

One of the hardest things to overcome is past events.

It has left it’s mark on us and imprinted in our minds … but the past is history.. it’s not right now.. right here or today. It’s done. It’s gone. It’s HISTORY!

The past is something that cannot be changed no matter how many times we relive it in our minds and no matter how many times we try to reword it or replay it’s many different scenarios that we would have liked to have seen happened.

Live for today and tomorrow.. live right here and now and move forward with what you have. When you live in the past,  you stall your living. Your future is put on hold and you find yourself in limbo. Stuck in the mud of yesterday with a stalled engine and no energy to pull yourself out of that muck!

It’s pointless really … allow yourself to realize this and move forward. Waste no more time on yesterday and instead invest in right now.

It’s time to turn around and look ahead .. march forward with the lessons learned to make right now and the days to come the best that you can.

Many Blessings,

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