Day: February 17, 2012

Daily Insight

For today’s insight I draw 4 cards from the Vision Quest Deck…. (hmmmmmmmmm looking over at my cards laid out on the table there are only 3 …. looks like Spirit asks me to draw another) ok now.. YES 4 cards are now drawn!

Abundance: An endeavor that you have taken on has come to its full potential. The rewards from your hard work have been reaped or will be very soon. The harvest has filled the root cellar and now there is a time of emptying to make room for the next great harvest. You may feel the void as the emptiness takes place but don’t worry … it will be filled again naturally.

Sensuality: Be aware of your impact on others and act responsibly. Respect the vulnerability of others and know the boundaries. Use your intuitive gifts to guide you in a respectful manner. Doing this you honor others and yourself.

Stress: Life reflects what is going on internally. When life gets too chaotic and stressful take some time to step away and reflect… time is needed to find yourself again. Do what you know is right for the right reasons. Be mindful of how you react to your surroundings as well as how you react to your own inner knowing. Fighting against yourself gains you nothing but more stress and anxiety.

Courage: Courage is not just about being strong when tragedy and drama reign but also when you find that strength inside to follow your dreams and fulfill your destiny. Taking the necessary steps forward into the unknown takes great courage. You have it inside you to create greatness and manifest your dreams, your goals and whatever else you wish. Use this boldness to continue walking forward and you will find that your manifestations will seem to arise with ease.

Many Blessings,