STOP! You’re Going the Wrong Way!

WP_20140423_010How many times have you started down a path that you just knew was not the right path for you?

This happens to us all. It’s all a part of life and being human, making mistakes, learning and growing. I can tell you from far more experience than I’d like to admit …. that path is a torturous one.

So there we are walking down the path laid before us… something inside us tells us something is wrong. The universe starts throwing signs in front of us to let us know that this path we have started on is not the one for us and yet we continue to walk forward. Oh how silly are we? We don’t intend on taking the wrong path. We don’t intend on making our lives harder, but somehow .. there we are… doing just that! Ignoring our own inner knowing and ignoring the signs in front of us.

Why? Why do we do this?

So many factors come in to play as to why we go down that wrong path.

Every path, every situation, our motives and reasons for our choices are different. Here are just a few of examples as to why oh why we go down that road:

Sometimes it is ego… dare we admit we have made a mistake..LOL…damn that ego!

Sometimes it is worry and fear. Worried that we are afraid of the path unknown to us, afraid of hurting others, afraid of what if I’m just making excuses and this is the right path. Don’t you just love it when you argue with your own inner knowing.

Sometimes it is a case of walking past that point where you feel you have already traveled beyond that half way point and you think to yourself.. well I might as well keep going to the end. You tell yourself that turning around and going back is further than just going on and making it to the end. Ummm, hello! Is it not further to keep going in the wrong direction and then having to turn around .. than it is to just stop what you are doing .. no matter the point… and get your butt back to the beginning to travel down the road better suited for you?

When in the thick of it all, we have a hard time seeing clearly. We question every move, we ignore the obvious and we make excuses not only for ourselves but for others and for our actions and motives. Hoping for the best and intending on doing the right thing for all involved.

I mean really! Who wants to admit they are wrong???  hahahahaha I can laugh now … but during those times when I was on that wrong road… whew, was it ever so hard and troubling!

I believe this is something we will all do at some point in our lives and often more than once in our lifetime. The key is recognizing your mistake and in the best way that you can … correcting it. People will get hurt, times will be hard… but we all have the ability to heal and in the end everyone will benefit from better choices.

Pay closer attention when life throws you a road block… there must be a reason for it. Don’t make things out to be more complicated than they need be and don’t let fear guide you. I know… easier said than done.. but the first step is realization.

Many blessing for a path well traveled,


  1. Great post.
    I think going down the wrong path is natural. Sometimes we think we know what we want but don’t know any better. Its all part of life experience.
    I had a professor who once told me that he studied finance and went on into a career in the financial industry and then one day, bam, he applied to dental school. Just out of nowhere, felt that he was on a path that wasn’t for him. Granted, he was successful on both paths. it was just a matter of self-fulfillment at that point.

    1. Too funny .. how on Earth do you go from finance to dental..LOL…

      I’ve been down that wrong road many times and always part of the way down think to my self.. CRAP! Now what?! LOL

      Lessons learned… that’s how we grow.. that’s how I look at it now.. no need to stress over it.. just do the best you can and get yourself back on track.

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