A message in the Raven’s Call

>The Summer breeze has cooled and signs of Autumn fill the air
Spirit has brought me a message I must share

On the night when the moon was new
Spirit brings love and blessings for me and you

The days grow shorter and the nights ever so long
Listen close and you shall hear your soul sing its song

The answers you seek are not so hard to find
It all becomes clear when you quiet the mind

It doesn’t matter where we are along our path, our own sacred road
It only matters our walk along the way, this is what I’m told

Connect to each other we are
No matter how near, no matter how far

Spirit whispers in my ear
You are not alone, there is nothing to fear

You have what it takes to make it to the end
Open your arms and feel Creator’s embrace upon the sacred wind

Don’t hold back, be who you were born to be
The mysteries shall unfold and you will see

The time is coming, an awaking is near
Spirit is speaking… can you hear

Through you, a stranger, a friend or even me
The messages are there and clear as can be

You must open your eyes and listen with your heart
In this walk we share, we all play a very important part

Not sure of your particular role?
Don’t worry, it’s all there written in your soul

The messages may come by way of wolf, bear, tiger or even by way of a raven’s wing
No matter from which it comes, the message is from a place of love that we bring

Now close your eyes and count to three
I send blessings to the ancestors and thee

With honor and love .. thank Creator for this time
Allowing me to share a message with you in rhyme

To the grandmothers and grandfathers of all the nations, I pray and ask for blessings for us all
And thank them for hearing this raven’s call.

with love and honor, aho

Many Blessings,

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