Toxic Relationships and Why We Stay

Something I know too much about… toxic relationships and staying far too long. There are so many reasons we give ourselves for staying. None of them are really worth the pain that we endure. The biggest reason is that it’s familiar to us and we know what to expect each day… it doesn’t matter that it’s painful.. we know that pain and we know what to expect from it.

Many Blessings


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  1. So Hurts me to see you Cry,, Hope your Daughter listens,, really listens, I have been there too probably the reason my physical body is in he pain it is in,, this Far down the road,,Love you Girl,, and Thank You ❤ ❤

  2. I’m in an abusive relationship and I can’t describe how bad I hurt every day. It’s to the point that I wish I was dead to escape the nightmare. I get degraded and put down. I cry all the time, not just normal crying but sobbing, one day I cried so hard and long I lost five pounds that day. I get upset to the point of being nauseous
    for days on end. I’m in hell. I just wish I could forget him. There’s no worse feeling than being degraded by someone you love.

    1. You have to leave. Why stay? There can’t be love where there is so much pain. YOu have to walk away for your own good and peace of mind. I have been where you are and I know how hard it is. YOu have to start looking out for yourself and do what’s best for you. Love yourself enough to walk away. Great big hugs and healing.

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