Knowing the Difference

A man of his word is not the same as a man of words. A man of words has all the right things to say and says them well and at all the right times but I am sad to tell you that words is all that you’ll ever truly get for that man. A man of his word is often silent, his words fewer than the previous… but what makes this man great is that his actions follow his words. He doesn’t say things just to be saying them. What he says, he means and he follows up with great intent and purpose.

In my younger days I confused the two. I thought surely that a man with so many words would mean what he says. I thought that all of these words meant that he put great thought into what he wants when in reality he was just talking to hear his own brain rattle.

Many Blessings,

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      1. Very true. If they’re lucky they learn when they meet that special person but by then its often to late. Try and learn before then or you’ll regret it always.

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