The Invisible

WP_20140925_007Invisible things have more to them than most things we see in the world.

You can see a hug, but the important part is feeling it.

You can see a two people meet for the first time, but what is important is the exchange of energy between them.

You can see a mother with her child, but the bond of love that can only be felt between them is everything.

You can see someone win at something they have been working toward for a long time, but the realization of success in that person is something they’ll always remember.

It’s not the things in life you can see, but the things you experience, the things you feel with your heart and soul, the things in life the effect your spirit.

Take another look at the world around you …  this time though, forget what you see and take in what you feel.

Many Blessings,

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