Day: September 4, 2014

Lashing Out and Karma

Jackson Falls - Natchez Trace

Jackson Falls – Natchez Trace

I was having a conversation with a friend earlier about people from their past who have done them wrong, hurt them or were just plain ugly in their ways toward that person. My friend was quick to say, given the situation again, they would retaliate with angry but truthful words that they know would in kind, hurt that person back. They would fight dirty with dirty, throw stones as they were thrown at them. 

My reply was this: Just because someone else wants to get down on that level, doesn’t mean you have to as well. Take a step back from the situation and disconnect from it for a moment to see it for what it truly is. Ask yourself a few questions; is retaliation worth the karma for you to take on? Sending out negative energy into the world, is it worth the risk of it coming back to you? Do you allow yourself to entertain this negativity for a brief moment of feeling justified? That feel good moment does only last a very brief time. 

It’s easy to say these things when you aren’t in the middle of the dispute. I do know how hard it is to hold back when stones keep getting thrown in your direction. I have been on the receiving end many times in life and in many situations. I guess that is where my experience comes from and why today I would much rather choose to gather those stones and build a bridge than to throw them back. I’m certainly not saying I haven’t thrown some of those stones back, especially earlier in my years… but quite often, regret is on the back end of those stones that got thrown and once they hit their mark, they cannot be taken back, ever! 

So when a situation comes your way and someone is sending out negativity of any kind your way… step back, find your balance and don’t allow their negativity to flow over on to you. Or at least, do your best to not let the negativity control your emotions and actions.

No one can take your inner peace away from you unless you allow it. 

Many Blessings,