Day: September 8, 2014

Nail Head Meet Hammer

WP_20140908_001I was just taking a break from work for a few minutes, so I stepped outside to see if I could find any four leaf clovers. My mind was reeling with current events on the home front, when the thought came to mind that I was going to have to start living for me. I have always lived my life for others. As a child I worried about the well being of my parents and when I got older I worried and lived for my children and my spouse…. now, I will have to learn how to live for myself.

When that thought popped into my head, I was standing over a huge patch of four leaf clovers… I found 31 in just that one spot. I laughed a little at the coincidence of it all. It was as if Spirit was saying “Jackpot!!”. When you ask the Universe to give you something, it responds when it is something that is right for you. So….. if you are at the moment asking the Universe for something and it is not handing it over… it is either because it is not the right time for what you are asking for or it simply isn’t what’s right for you … right now. I wasn’t asking for anything really at the time I found myself searching for four leaf clovers, but the Universe knew I was indeed seeking something more. Once I got into the right frame of mind, the Universe let me know I had hit that nail straight on the head! Shouting BINGO … ding ding ding.. we have a WINNER!! LOL… Universe, you silly thing … thanks for the laugh, for the wisdom and the lesson.

Many Blessings,

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