The Calling

Who knew that today’s words would have been inspired by Joan Rivers. I was listening to the radio on my way to work this morning, when they played a clip of her speaking to a fellow comedian about why they do what they do. She said, they do it because they love it more than anything else, what they do is not a job, what they do is a calling, they make people happy, it’s a calling, it’s a calling.

With those words I began to think about the calling of light workers. It’s a long, lonely path but we do it not for money or fame or any type of recognition, but because we are called to do it. It is something that is part of our being, we don’t know how to NOT do it. We help others simply because we were called to do so. It makes us happiest when we have been able to help another, we continue doing it because we love that feeling and because it is after all, our calling.

Many Blessings and love and light to Joan Rivers,


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