The Meaning of Life

WP_20140715_013Spirit whispers in my ear this morning and so I must share the message I have been given…

Life! Life .. it’s simple.. it’s complex… it’s up .. it’s down.. it’s here .. it’s now.. it’s this moment and the next.

I can’t begin to tell you what life is all about … ok well I could begin but it would never end…lol.. this blog would go on forever!!!

But what I can tell you is what it’s NOT about …

It’s not about the pain – it’s about growing, learning and repairing

It’s not about the torment – it’s about the healing

It’s not about the hurt – it’s about not hurting anymore …. or anyone

It’s not about the miles – it’s about every step along the way

It’s not about the size of the battle – it’s about holding true to yourself

It’s not about the tears shed – it’s about caring

It’s not about the struggle – it’s about the fight inside

It’s not about youth – it’s about the child within

It’s not about money – it’s about the treasure in YOU

It’s not about what you have – it’s about what you give

I could go on and on .. but I’ll stop here … I think you understand the whisper from here…

Life is about finding peace and happiness .. right here .. right now.. in this moment .. within yourself.

Enjoy it!

It’s a gift we have been given … E N J O Y I T!

It’s in your own hands … how will you handle it?
Many Blessings,

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