Understanding Crow Sounds

I had an interesting chat with a Crow this morning … he kept making the Rattle or Comb Call that you’ll find on this link… he was really quiet and just made this sound gently. I did a bit research to find out what that particular sound meant and this is what I found  (it is used to acknowledge familial association, whenever a crow does such a performance, they are expressing a willingness to be approached, and a need for affection).


This was the first time I had heard this sound from my crow friends … usually in pairs this one was alone and I walked up close and he sat there watching me, so would whistle and talk to him and he made that sound back at me so I went inside and brought him out some extra treats.

I have seen several documentaries that speak about the meanings of the different crow sounds so I am always paying attention to the sounds they make when I see them.

Many Blessings,

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  1. Just posted on another link on your website. I have a crow/crows that visit day and night. I feed them and listen and chat. they make MANY vocalizations but one that is different is when one of them sits in a low branch and goes Muwoop, moowooop, MOOWOOOP! Any ideas on this? They also make the rattle call and I have actually had one sit on a branch near my head and hum and purr and make trilling noises very softly.

    I think they are talking to me in their own way and would love to know the different meanings of their sounds so that I can respond appropriately instead of just replying by mimicking them,

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