Help with Visualization

fb cover 2Visualization is greatly helpful in meditation, in dreaming more vividly and in creative endeavors. Some struggle when it comes to visualization so I thought I would help you teach yourself how to improve those skills.

Find a relaxing spot and make yourself comfortable. Now image something simple like a simple white ball. Once you can see that ball clearly in your mind make it do something like glow or spin. Now make it spin faster or glow more brightly. At each step, practice it and get yourself comfortable seeing it before moving on to something else. Once you have perfected the spinning or glowing effect make the ball do something else like bounce or change colors.

Once you have perfected the ball and have practiced this many times and feel comfortable that you can see this anytime you choose you can move to something more advanced.

Your next level might be something like visualizing a flower and once you have that flower pictured in your mind have it open up in full bloom. Take your time and do this slowly no need to rush it. You can practice making it open and close and once you are comfortable with that flower, change flowers and repeat.

There are many things you can choose to start off with and or advance to. Practice each image until you are comfortable enough with each one that you feel like you can do it without giving it much thought.

Here are a few other images you might want to try:

~ Opening and closing doors or windows

~ An open window with curtains blowing in the wind, the curtains then gain more detail

~ A field, and then within that field you see animals or flowers and then you can make those animals or flowers do things

~ Image walking through your own house, room by room seeing all that is in it. Imagine yourself sitting down in one of them and turning on the tv and then changing channels

~ Do the same as above but walk though your neighborhood or your town.

~ You can image animals and have them do things ….

There is no limits to your imagination.. just start simply and allow yourself to progress slowly. It’s not a race, no one is timing you. Work at your own pace and be patient with yourself.

Many Blessings,

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