Day: November 25, 2013

Trusting Spirit

tempgaugeToday has been one of the oddest days for me in a long time. It all started first thing this morning when I was headed to work. I decided to go a different way than I usually go and I found myself stuck in a long line of traffic. At some point, sitting there in that line I looked down and saw my temperature gauge a hair from being all the way at the top, sitting on the H for HOLY SHIT BALLS IT’s HOT! I changed my rout, praying the whole way that I would at least make it to work. While the car was moving the gauge would go down but at every light it would start creeping back up to that dreaded H.

I get to work and wait for my husband to get into his office so I could tell him what happened and see what he wanted me to do. He suggested I go ahead and go to the garage to get it fixed. So here I am on the road again, all tense worried something might go wrong before I get to where I’m going. Again, the car was fine while I was moving but at every light the gauge liked to torment me. There is a bookstore just a few blocks from the garage so I stopped off quick to grab a book someone suggested was a good read… I thought I might need this having to sit at the garage for God knows how long. So I grabbed the book and made my way to the garage.

They take my car quickly and check everything they could possibly check and let it run for nearly an hour and the gauge never moved. CONFUSED!! LOL.. so the garage suggested they drive it around town to see how it does and they did. Still NOTHING from that gauge. Over 3 hours at the garage and NOTHING. My car seems perfectly fine and the gauge is no longer moving toward that dreaded H.

From that point I started feeling like I was where I was for a reason. Was it all about stopping to get that book and having the time to read it? I would have never stopped to get it otherwise, I do know that much. Was it about not being at the office for some unknown reason? Is there something else, some other reason for all this? I have no idea but what I do know is that the Universe is creating something right now for me. What exactly that is … is still unknown to me.

I’ve had this feeling before and in the past I would struggle against it but today.. I let go and I TRUSTED that I was where I was suppose to be when I was suppose to be there.

The feeling is like you are a game piece being moved around a game board in the Universe without knowing which game you are in and why you are being moved around.

I giggle at myself and I see Spirit saying well we have told you about this book… we gave you the information and left you filled with curiosity and yet you still did not get the book. Hmmmmmmmmmmm .. how shall we make this hard-headed woman stop everything else she is doing to get this book and read it! I know we will screw with her car and laugh as no one else can see what she’s talking about.. LOL

Only time will tell what today was really all about… but for now all I know is that it was very ODD! A kind of enjoyable ODD .. but still very ODD.

Many Blessings,

P.S. The book I’ve been referencing is Journey of Souls by Michael Newton