Message from the Rainbow

Tonight I made my way downstairs to fetch the last of the laundry to be done and noticed from the kitchen window how strange the sky looked. It was flooded with color. I went on and gathered the laundry from the dryer and then thought…. hmmmmm .. I should step outside and have a look at that sky. So I did. OMG.. what a beautiful double rainbow in the sky over my house!!

I rushed upstairs to grab my camera and back down and outside into the rain in hopes of capturing the moment. I ran around furiously snapping photos left and right and then to the front of the house to see what my view would be from there. I saw the rainbow made it’s way from front to back and snap … snap… snap… went my camera shutter!

I made my way upstairs to upload the photos to share online and just as I finished uploading I stepped over to the window to have another look and it was gone. Just like that … it was gone.

Tonight’s message comes from the rainbow: Enjoy each moment as it comes. What you have in this moment may be gone the next and you just never know long those moments last .. so enjoy them while you have them.

Here are the photos of my rainbow

Many Blessings,


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