The ReBuild

IMG_6832Throughout our lives we are building. We build relationships, we build a home, we build safety, we build knowledge, we build confidence, we build routine, we build habits, etc.

When it is time for a major change to occur in one of these areas that we have spent years building .. the change can be drastic or at the very least “feel” very drastic. What has been built wasn’t constructed overnight and therefore when that change needs to happen and happen now… it is as if a wrecking ball has come from out of nowhere and knocked you right onto your bum and oh boy can it hurt!

It may feel as though what was once there is now destroyed… well duhhhh! That’s the whole point! Whatever it was that the wrecking ball tore down .. is no longer needed. Now there is room for you to rebuild with new materials, new knowledge and a new set of tools.

I won’t lie… it sure does suck whenever that wrecking ball shows up… but the rebuild will serve you so much better in the end and life will take a much brighter turn once we allow the change to happen. It’s going to happen regardless .. the more we fight it the worse it feels.

Many Blessings,

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