A New Journey

I love it when I go into meditation and a ceremony takes place that I get to experience.  This morning as I began my meditation I felt the presence of my grandmother right away. Quickly I was thrust into a ceremony with a group of elder women. I’ll share with you my experience now:

I found myself in my traditional natural fiber ceremonial clothing, a lightweight linen in natural color. I will refer to the elder women from here on out as “grandmothers”. One grandmother was brushing my hair, while another two were rubbing down my arms, hands, legs and feet with an ointment or oil. A fourth grandmother was speaking, telling me what was going on and doing energy work as the other 3 grandmothers continued their physical work on me. They were preparing me for the ceremony. One does not just go into ceremony without first being cleansed and prepared.

I was full of questions and they told me to be quiet. They told me I must quiet my mind and body as they continue their work. So I did my best to let them do what they needed to do, however curious my mind was and no matter how badly I wanted to question everything that was happening.

One grandmother was working on my feet and it reminded me of Peter Pan, when Wendy was trying to sew his shadow to the bottom of his feet. The grandmother that was working on my feet must have known my thoughts, for she spoke and told me that she was preparing me for a new journey. It looked and felt as if she was spiritually sewing new soles onto the bottom of my feet. It seemed like this took her forever to do.

Once they were done rubbing my legs and arms with the oil, I was layed down on a solid surface. One grandmother worked on my hands while the other continued working on my feet. The grandmother that had been brushing my hair is now working on my head and has layed a couple of coin looking medallions over my eyes. They were cold like coins but not made of metal. I’m not sure what they were made of, but they were hand carved and made for the sole purpose of giving one new vision. The fourth grandmother continued to talk to me as she did energy work over my entire body.

Suddenly I am transported to many places. It looks like the world keeps shifting around me as I visit various places. The first was the base of a mountain, then to a waterfall. I wanted to get up and explore but they knocked me back down. The grandmother at my feet said to the others, you are right this one is very impatient. Relax child, this journey is not like the many you have had before. You must lay still to experience this one. Oh, how hard it was to lay there with all of this going on around me. I found it so hard to focus as everything continued to change. Just as I would see clearly the world around me, it would change into something else.  From the waterfall, I was transported to the seaside. It was cloudy and cold as if I were somewhere in Europe, very rocky and the waves were crashing into the beach and onto the rocks. I was then sent to a hillside where I could see over the ocean and the grandmothers continued their work.

Then I was shown the standing stones. I felt the energy from each. All similar but different. I was shown one place that was grand. Very tall stone structure that symbolized a city. It was a  very large, massive scaled version of a city or meeting place. I then saw as the structure fell and the stones scattered. I saw people taking stones away and placing them all over the Earth. I questioned about the stones not being ridged, since they had fallen it seemed like they should have had sharp edges, but they all seemed far too smooth to have just fallen. I was then shown that they were once underwater after they had fallen. They were under that water for a long time before they were then moved. The water flowing over  them for so many years was what gave them their new shapes. I was shown the stone people.. they were the guardians of the city and they wrapped around it in protection. I was shown people over the years gathering at the different stone areas of the world. Only a few really felt the true energy of the stones. Many gathered, but most were unaware of their true purpose or energy. These were seekers that were not ready for that kind of understanding. Those that are ready will soak up the energy like a sponge but say nothing or at least very little of their experiences for  the experience alone were too intricate to describe with words. The experience for those were also so very personal, many not fully understanding it themselves. Left not knowing how to begin to tell their own stories.

This is how my meditation, my experience this morning ended. I am full of questions, but also an understanding and a knowing of something new to me. I feel there will be more to this journey… but for now I must be patient and wait until it is time for the next chapter to be revealed.

Many Blessings,

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