Day: October 5, 2012

Being Different

I walked outside a moment ago and noticed a tree, all green except for this single leaf … from there my thoughts went to:

Just because everyone around you isn’t changing, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

Change is a natural occurrence that happens in all things. For us to grow, we must change in one way or another. Maybe it is our thoughts, our way of living, the way we do particular things, the way we process information, the way we handle life or any number of possibilities one might change. Don’t worry about fitting in with everyone else. Be YOU! Enjoy the changes that naturally occur within you and allow them sculpt you into the person you were born to be.

Let your own unique beauty shine!

Many Blessings,

Morning Muse

I hate waking at 5am only because my bed is so soft and comfy in the mornings, it’s hard to pull myself from that comfort… but ….. Just have a look at what I would miss if I didn’t rise so early.

Below are a few photos I captured this morning as the sun was beginning to rise.

The moon before it fades into the daylight sky. – click to enlarge –

The sun as it rises above the horizon – click to enlarge –

The doves sunning in the trees – click to enlarge –


the new light bouncing off the color as the fall leaves begin to change – click to enlarge –

the beauty of the sky as night now becomes day – click to enlarge –


photo opportunities for my artwork – click to enlarge –


morning dew glistening off the spider webs – click to enlarge –


Many Blessings for a wonderful day,