Letting the words of others interfere

A while back I had taken off the story of how I got my name (Raventalker) from the About section of every site that I am on. I had read a terrible bit of crap on a website that made fun of my story. They took it a step further  and even said that they would be embarrassed if they had gotten their name as I had received mine. They went on to say something along the lines of me just being some sort of jabbering fool.

Now, I know the truth and those that follow me, know the truth. These people don’t have a clue  of who I am and don’t even follow me at all. They had simply seen my story because of my association with someone else that they didn’t like for whatever their reason was and suddenly I was grouped in their online attack.

So why did I remove my story? I didn’t remove it for months.. but then one day I thought about their attack and wondered how many others have read their attack and worried about how they (unknown web readers) would then view me. I changed my bio and left out my story. I didn’t want anyone to think I was portraying myself as a full blood of any kind.  I never said anywhere that I was I only stated how I received my name. It wasn’t what I wrote that gave that impression, it was an assumption made from some unknown ball of negativity that felt the need to attack anyone they didn’t like.

I’m normally not one to worry about what others think of me. I’m still not worried. It wasn’t what that one person thought, it was what they were leading others to think that bothered me most. That’s why I changed my bio. Well, you know what??? SCREW THEM! I have put my story back into my bios! I am proud to carry my name. I am honored about how it came to be and I will continue to honor it.

Don’t let the words of others take away from who you are. What people often say is a reflection of them and not you. (Thanks Mystical Heart Spiritual Center for the quote)

Many Blessings,

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